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Wood Collection

The Wood Collection, Decorative Printed Finish DL Series

This printed series represents the pinnacle of design. This is an ideal option on doors where you want to add a touch of elegance while maintaining the high strength of steel.

Discover how this new collection can meet your needs.

The perfect finish for a wide range of styles

This printed series reproduces elements of nature, creating perfect finishes. With its 11 colors, the Wood Collection  matches a wide range of styles.

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Product structure

The innovative composition of the doors in the Wood Collection series makes it an aesthetic alternative without compromising on practicality. All doors are made from 18 gauge plastic or lacquered steel. The door walls are perfectly smooth, with no visible joints.

Technical Specifications

  • All doors from the Wood Series are made of 18 gauge lacquered or laminated steel.
  • The door faces are perfectly smooth, without visible joints.
  • The door panels are vertically assembled on to each other by a mechanical lock seam.
  • The door edges have a bevel of 3 mm on 51 mm (1/8” on 2”).
  • The non-insulated steel doors have a full honeycomb core made of 16 kg/m3 (1.0 lb/cu.ft.) density kraft paper with 25 mm (1”) cell size, laminated to the door faces by a polyurethane base adhesive.
  • The insulated doors have a 54 kg/m3 (3,4 lb/cu.ft.) density polyisocyanurate sheet core with a thermal resistance of RSI RSI 2,0 (R-12.9), laminated to the door faces by a polyurethane base adhesive.
  • The inside structure is designed to have vertical steel reinforcements bonded to the door faces.
  • The doors are mortised for hinges, cylindrical lock, and / or reinforced for surface-mounted exit device or for a «push/pull» handle.
  • Door closer reinforcement made of 16 gauge steel channel is installed at the top of all steel doors.
  • The doors maximum dimensions are 42”x 96”.
  • Several other wood finishes are available on demand.
  • This product is guaranteed for one (1) year period against manufacturing default

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