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A technical service for the design and manufacture of standard and custom steel doors and frames

At Métalec, the diversity of our products can satisfy all of your needs in steel doors and frames for construction or renovation projects. We manufacture our products according to your technical requirements using cutting-edge equipment and applying a strict quality control to every step of the fabrication.

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The expertise’ strength

Our team is committed to the realization of each project with the utmost care. Each product is manufactured in our factory with the attention to detail and total satisfaction of our customers.

The best ‘price-quality’ of the industry

Métalec is always looking forward to optimize its products in terms of costs and efficacity in the design and manufacture of its steel doors and frames.

Fast delivery

The control of the production and an effective logistic system allow us to deliver your order in the required delay.

Made in Quebec

Métalec masters the requirements of the building code since more than 30 years. You will be impressed by the quality of the design and manufacturing of our products.

Customer service

Our experts’ team will listen to you in order to offer you evidence-based guidance and technical support throughout your projects.

Steel doors and frames exceeding stricter requirements rules

The listening and professional technical support of the company are contributors in the success of the 100 Métalec’s distributors.

Fire resistance certification (WHI)

Métalec’s steel doors and frames have the approval of Intertek, a recognized corporation in the industry.

Technical compliance

Precise engineering drawings will be sent to you for approval to ensure our products meet your technical requirements.

Products customization

Métalec stands out by offering custom and standard products that meet the technical requirements.

Two factories

The Metalec steel doors and frames are manufactured in two factories, one is located in the industrial park of Quebec, and the second one is located in Anjou, East of Montreal. In these two factories, we have automated cutting-edge equipment that offer a great production capacity. Also, a strict quality control is made at every steps of the product’s manufacture.

Find out how to optimize your LEED v4 project’s score

Métalec is the first doors and frames company that has committed in the LEED v4 movement.

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Our projects

With more than 25 years of expertise, we are more than proud to present you some of our latest achievements.

Métalec commits to the manufacture of steel doors and frames of quality exceeding its clients’ requirements, and that, under the best delays of the industry.

Technical Information
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