The welded steel frames from the “CS” series are designed to be installed before the construction of the interior partitions. They offer an increased durability allowing a greater longevity.



  • The welded steel frames from the “CS” series are manufactured using 18, 16, 14 or 12 gauge galvanized steel;
  • The mitred corners are welded using one of the 2 methods:
    Standard > the joints are welded by carrying out a continuous weld bead only on the inside faces of the mitred corners.
    Optional > the joints are welded by carrying out a continuous weld bead on the inside of the entire frame profile.
  • All welded corners are ground smooth and primed to achieve a good looking finish;
  • The steel frames have two temporary spreader bars welded at the base of the frame.They have six frame anchors adapted to various types of wall constructions and two floor anchors;
  • The single openings have three rubber bumpers per strike jamb and the double openings have two rubber bumpers on the head;
  • The frames are prepared to receive the hinges and the strike as specified in the knockdown frame section;
  • The hinge reinforcements are protected by mortar boxes when they are installed in concrete block walls.

These frames are available with a 20, 45, 90 or 180 minute fire rating. The hardware preparation and location is in accordance with the standards of the “American National Standard Institute”.

Several types of anchor:


1- Renfort de charnière angulaire de calibre 10 –

2- Préparation de gâche ANSI 115.1 (ASA) –


3- Attache au plancher (ATT #3) –

4- Attache pour mur de maçonnerie (ATT #5) –

5- Attache pour mur existant (ATT #6) –

6- Attache pour colombage de métal (ATT #8) –

7- Attache pour mur de maçonnerie (ATT #4) –

8- Attache pour colombage de bois (ATT #7) –

9- Renfort de charnière calibre 10

N.B. : D’autres machinages de quincaillerie sont disponibles sur demande.